Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Three's Company

The amazingly talented Reese Dante has done it again!!

Three's Company has been gifted with an absolutely gorgeous cover.

It really is perfect for these three boys. That's definitely Adam in the middle. LOL  

Though it's still 7 weeks away, countdown to release day has begun.  October 28th will be here before we know it!

In other news, Blind Faith has a release date of January 26th. I'm 15K into the sequel. I can't wait for everyone to meet these boys. 

I also have some exciting news about some free-reads, but more on that when I know more. It might be a lovely little Christmas present to all my wonderful readers. :) 


  1. I love it! Is the BF release date new or did I forget it?? Either way, I cannot wait for them all!

  2. Well, originally it was going to be in November as part of the Special Needs anthology with Silver, but now it will be a stand alone novel, so the release date has pushed back a little. I'm much happier now it will be on it's own :)

    Thanks for your support bb!! <3

  3. Just found your fb page and read the excerpt for this and now I'm dying. I want it now! :)