Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blind Faith

Just an update: 

I've started my new original fiction, Blind Faith. Currently 4k into it and it's moving along nicely. 

I'm really looking forward to writing this, and giving these boys life with words. I think these two boys just might be something special.  :)

And let's not forget this guy...

This is Brady. He's the third character in this story, and the very reason why my two boys meet and fall in love. :)


In other news, life's been hectic and not altogether too pleasant but moving forward, at least. 

I've still not heard if Three's Company has been accepted for publication *keeps fingers crossed* but I have submitted my Love is Always Write event entry for Goodreads.  Yet to be confirmed, though I believe Sin will be available on July 20th. 

I also traveled to Sydney recently, to meet up with some wonderful girls who I'd come to know through fanfiction. And they gave me this...

A TARDIS key ring, exactly the same as the one Brent gives Logan in Taxes and TARDIS.  Such a small gift with a BIG meaning. I was floored. Needless to say, it's now attached to my keys. ;)  

Kaz, Min and Deb, I thank you, sincerely. *mwah*  


  1. I'm so excited for everything you write bb, but here's a not-so-secret newsflash! Every character you write is special and the shared relationship's are something to be treasured... you are amazeballs :)

  2. Please PLEASE keep us updated on release dates - you know I'm all over your words the second they hit iTunes or the Kindle store.